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We take your privacy very seriously! Any personally identifiable information you share with the Positive News Network  will be used only for purposes of processing your transaction and fulfilling your request. 


We will not rent or sell your information to anyone at any time.  


Everything you share with us will be kept in strict confidence. We will not rent or sell your name, e-mail address, phone & fax numbers, credit card numbers, mailing address, purchasing history, or any other information that you share with us. 


We look forward to helping you. If you have any questions about our policies on privacy, please contact us at  




PNN-Positive News Network has a zero SPAM POLICY.


Positive News is delivered by SUBSCRIPTION ONLY.


You or someone using your e^mail address had to request a subscription on our website at  to receive our emails.  I have been successfully publishing Positive News and Positive Thoughts online for over 8 years now.


If you feel that you have received SP^AM from this website, please forward the entire mes^sage to  





The entire website and every email we send is protected under the Copyright laws of the United States.


If you would like to use any story, quote or resource from this website or any of our publications all we ask is that you simply provide a link and source credit.


You can simply add the line…From


Every attempt is made to identify and provide proper credit to the original

author when possible. Please if you post any item from this newsletter or website include the original authors identity if known or "Author Unknown" and found on


If you have any questions about our copyright policy please contact

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