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1320 WARL

Positive Radio for the Future - NOW!


The Dare to Dream Show with Greg Normand - Wednesday Nights, 9-11pm EST

Happy Hour with Mr. Positive! - Friday's from 2-3 PM EST

Listen On: WARL 1320 AM, Providence, RI and live on the Internet! Click here

Good News Gimundo Is Live!

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Good News Served Daily



The Good News Show


The Good News Show, hosted by James A. Sinclair, is a high quality program that focuses on the positive and inspiring news exploring unlimited possibilities from around the world. Our objective is to present a compelling program that reminds us of the unlimited potential within all of us.


The Good News Show is a weekly program, filmed in High Definition quality that airs daily on various Broadcast Venues. Please check the website for more information http://www.thegoodnewsshow.tv




The Next Evolution in News

Has Reached Nebraska!

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Eric Freeman as an award winning journalist, turned publisher has launched an advertiser supported site that delivers "Home Town" Positive News.

PNN is glad to see him bring this site online and we look forward

to a long relationship spreading the Positive News! Click here




Happy Times/Happy Herald Newspaper is an upbeat and positive locomotive that has built momentum and is racing through the communities with applause from everyone. A common statement is, "It’s about time somebody is printing happy and good news."

The Happy Times/Happy Herald Newspaper’s mission it to provide the community with education, humor, wisdom, inspiration, and awareness of what’s good in the news. The Happy Times/Happy Herald highlights people, businesses, social groups, and events that give our readers a positive lift, while providing our advertisers with quality networking. Click here for more


We want to present the Pleasant News to show you that life is better off than is being reported by current media. You can feel better about what you have accomplished. Check us out at http://www.thehappynews.com


Sunny Side Up!  

Our focus is on what's right with life instead of what's wrong with it. 

Please visit us today at www.newsun.com 



Positive News is a family newspaper. Our family are those throughout the world who have seen a vision of a positive future and are dedicated to bringing it into reality.


Positive Futures Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting peoples' active engagement in creating a more sustainable, just and compassionate world. PFN is the publisher of YES! A Journal of Positive Futures. Visit them today at www.futurenet.org



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