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Want more Positive News? Would you like to see Positive News on TV, Listen to it on Radio or see it in Your Local Paper? All of this will take more resources than I can provide on my own, so if you would like to see us grow we need your help below are a few of the ways you can support The Positive News Network.


4 Ways You Can Help


1) Advertise on our website or newsletter. Please contact me direct for more information on advertising your product or service.


2) Contribute financially, yes show your support by donating cash send your donation through PayPal to mrp@positivenews.net or you can mail your check to Dave Boufford, Positive News Network, POB 837, Cary, IL 60013, USA


3) Promote us to your friends, family, associates & clients. Many corporations include our emails on their intranets to keep their employees focused on the Positive during the work day.


4) Support our sponsors and friends.


    "Mr. Positive"


    Dave Boufford 


   "You truly have a gift that touches people.  I enjoy the daily quotes so much that I put

   the ones that really touch me in a Word file of mine titled 'positivequotes.doc'.  I feel

   that receiving your mail everyday makes a positive difference with my daily life"

   --Deb G.


    PS We are always seeking uplifting stories, books and links to share with our readers!

         Please send your stories to mrp@positivenews.net




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