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All About Mr. Positive!

  • Age: 44

  • Status: Single

  • Sign: Pisces

  • Industry: Human Potential

  • Occupation: Professional Encourager

  • Location: Newport Beach, CA

  • Family: 6 Sisters. 16 Nieces & Nephews

  • Parents: Richard and Louise Tanguay

  • Favorite Color: Blue

  • Favorite Place: The Beach

  • Favorite Sandwich: Peanut Butter & Jelly

  • Best Thing I Ever Did: Become a Big Brother to Cris

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My Positive News Network Dream

PNN - The Positive News Network was born in my head in 1996. It all started with a couple of very good questions from Napoleon Hill's classic "Think & Grow Rich". Mr. Hill ask "What goal is worthy of your life? Even if you were never monetarily rewarded for working on it what are you willing to trade your life for that would be a benefit to your fellow man?"

Now, prior to picking up "Think & Grow Rich", I had just finished reading "It Ain't As Easy As It Looks" a biography of CNN Founder Ted Turner. It described the start of CNN which was a revolutionary idea in news programming. CNN invented our 24 hour news format. I know that Ted's journey really inspired me.

At the time the first Gulf War was launched and I was gripped by the coverage. I started to watch more news and it all seemed to be filled with the worst of human behaviors, war, murder, robbery, rapes, violence, hatred, crime and corruption. I knew instinctively that this negative coverage was not fair, balanced or healthy long term.

I'm not sure exactly when but it hit me that my mission in life is to create an alternative source for news that would focus on all the Positive News, in fact I named it on the spot PNN - The Positive News Network. My goal's are to focus on the solutions to the challenges we face, celebrate the good, positive events that happen daily, highlight the hero's among us who daily strive to make the world a better place.

Positive News will also reframe the current events of the day, showcasing the positive and reporting on the latest breakthroughs that will make a difference in our world; Health, Environment, Technology, Politics and Science.  

I started the Positive News website over 8 years ago, today we provide thousands of people in 150 countries with Positive quotes, stories, news and resources to make their life better. We are in the process of a massive expansion both online and offline.

About Me

Born in New Haven, CT, and raised in Manchester, NH with six sisters (the only boy), became a very troubled teenager, today we call them "at-risk youth". I made plenty of bad choices and mistakes. Dropped out of High School in my Junior year and went to work full time. Moved out of the house into my own place also at 17.

After the early passing of a dear friend, I decided life is too short and followed my dreams at the age of 21 and moved to Sunny Southern California. It was quite a journey and an adventure. It was there that I discovered the world of sales and entrepreneurship. After searching around and trying to start my own business (without any clue to what I was doing!) I went to work for an advertising company in sales. During this time the owner and I started two related businesses, both failed (which was a blessing) I ended up with my own direct mail business which I ran successfully for 12 years from my home.

During my California adventure I became a "Big Brother" to a mentally challenged child and to this day we are still the best of friends. Cris has been one of my biggest teachers of how to live life. I have enjoyed every minute of our friendship and I always look forward to our time together.

Having started in business young, I became bored and started to look for new, more exciting opportunities. While I always read a ton of books, I started listening to audio cassettes from the Nightingale Connant Corporation which accelerated and expanding my thinking. Then I attended my first big name live seminar with Stuart Wilde, he kicked off an incredible journey for me. Excited by what I learned I went on an amazing, life changing seminar tour with people like Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and  Steve Seibold, to mention just a few of them.

During this time I decided that even though I had the dream for PNN, that I should first make some money and become a "Marketing/Business Consultant" and learn all about business. I met Scott Hallman at Jay Abraham's xFactor in 1998 and that relationship led to a 3 year adventure doing Business Growth Consulting.

We had clients as far away as Australia, South Africa, Wales, Ireland, England and throughout the United States. Our clients were from 57 different industries, every thing from an Adult Diaper Delivery Service to a Plastic Surgeon. In the first 18 months the business grew from zero to over $1 Million in revenues with just Scott and myself. We serviced well over 100 different companies in our time together. It was very challenging, rewarding and stressful. Scott taught me a bunch of great lessons but my dream was calling...

Today I decided to finally let go and jump into my dream full time. It's been a challenging transition, filled with unimaginable twist and turns. There's a saying that goes "Leap and the net will appear", well it appeared for me.

My wonderful friends have been my net through this transition and this dream would not be possible without their love and support for my vision. 

My biggest Life Lesson is this "Your Thoughts Create Your World" and that your attitude is everything. If Positive Thinking leads to Positive Action then Positive Results MUST show up. My mission in life is to share this information with as many people as possible through PNN the Positive News Network.

Thanks for reading this far...Dave

PS I also enjoy the beach, classic cars, reading, seminars and all types of music.

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